The sports bra

I’d thought I’d dive straight to the heart of the matter. This surely has to be the most important piece of kit. Ever. I think I’d rather run barefoot across nails and coals than run with cripplingly painful, bounding and rebounding boobs that would otherwise take on the momentum swing of a bridge being tramped over by an army marching in rank.

Shock Absorber is the one for me. I won’t have a bad word said about them. Firstly what a great brand name, especially given my previous comment. Secondly the clamp-to-chest (C2C) quotient is REALLY high. Barely a murmur of mammary motion on the move. Frankly that’s enough functionality in a sports bra, but there’s more – it’s comfortable and I have no chafing. And chafing has been one the first things running-type folk seem perversely to relish raising as an issue.

The reflective trim is, to my mind, an unnecessary detail. (They call it a ‘bra top’.  Get real. It’s a bra.) I vow to wear my bra only with appropriately additional over-apparel. The reflective trim remains between me and my bra.

I have to say, a fitting is essential, however excruciatingly embarrassing you may find it (not that one should). The lovely Mary and her team at John Lewis in Southampton sorted me out. Not in a month of Sundays would I have arrived by myself at the size they measured me to be. And that’s another thing that remains between me and my bra.

Definitely test the C2C quotient of whatever you’re thinking of buying. Jump up and down; you know what to do girls.

I guess I should feel lucky already. Boob health and safety has been a near seamless issue to solve for me. I’m well strapped in.

Now sock systems – there’s a different issue altogether…

2 thoughts on “The sports bra

  1. louisehurrenLouise Hurren

    Ha! I hear you… SO important to get this issue taken care of 😉 since we chatted over the dinner table a few months back I have not only joined my local gym but have been going quite assiduously, to the point that not one but TWO sports bras now live in my sock drawer. Enough detail already, I hear you cry. Yes. But thank you for motivating me back to exercise. I’m not planning to run a marathon anytime soon, but I’ll happily support you in your quest to do so. Which brings us back to the subject of your post. Support. We all need it…

    1. runningsally

      Blimey, was I already proselytising last October. Well done on the return to the gym, I recall you were skirting around the idea, delighted if I helped to nudge you in the relevant direction. In October I wasn’t planning on running a marathon either…


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