Regularity and rhythm?

Regularity and rhythm?

OK, it’s April fools’ day, so, just for a bit of fun, here is the growing list of mantras that have been helping me get me through my training, in no particular order. I have no idea which suite of mantras I’ll be needing on the day.

I’ve also been working on building my mental safe-house, to where I can retreat in my imagination when the going gets tough/comfortable/a.n.other as yet unimagined scenario. I’m keeping this to myself.

Must complete
This one is a regular.

It will end
Thanks Jo, good one to have.

Everything’s fine
Good for general life, too.

It’s all good/everything’s good

Every hill has a summit
Used quite a lot, training round hilly Winky.

There’s not a hill in the world that doesn’t have a summit              
If it’s particularly bad and I need a long sentence to get me going just a bit further (Everest is in my head).

Hills are good
Who am I kidding?

Slow and easy
The only pace I know; the rest is aspirational. Usually used on hills.

Shoulders: low and loose
When I think I’m going faster (who am I kidding?)

One, one, one
Always a 100% success rate.

Bum, bum, bum               
Trying to get my glutes pulling their weight.

F*ckety, f*ckety, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck
Just because it’s all so tough sometimes. Usually followed by ‘must complete’.

One thought on “Mantras

  1. Joanna Chapman-Andrews

    Love these, am sure there’s a very strong need for them – as in shutting down the (negative more often than not) chatterbox and replacing it with positive self-talking – you’re very good at this I’ve noticed and have hauled me out of a negative hole before now!


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