Foot fanatic

I’ve never before spent so much time, attention, care, dedication and feigned affection on my feet.

I’ve always rather taken them for granted, considered them functional at best, rather lacking in attractive qualities, bony, and a little callused in places, if truth be told. Well, I suppose they are as old as I am.

Since I started on this marathon training thingy, so four months now, (seems longer somehow, is that just the toll it’s exacting, I wonder), my feet, I suspect, have become possibly the most attentively abraded and scrubbed (in a positive way), repaired, plastered, scraped, filed, buffed, polished, manicured, moisturised, pampered and generally massaged, part of my body.

I guess I reckon the old feet are the only thing keeping me upright, and moving etc. The knees and hips may take some pounding too, and the lungs take a hit, but the feet must get it worst, per square inch. I went straight in for the top of the range running shoes. Even the most minimal risk assessment suggested getting the best gear possible. I can’t afford NOT to do the best by my poor, cranky feet.

The sock thing I’ve already done to death. I’m still trying new socks.  And I think the Hilly cushioned, one layer is still on top. Must remember to wear them on my next long run and focus on foot comfort/absence of foot discomfort during the run.

Outside of running I’m only wearing comfortable shoes.  Oh, I only ever wear comfy shoes, that’s not new.

I’ve ummed and aahhed about visiting a chiropodist. I’ve done the not-so prophylactic physio visit. What about a foot maestro? Actually, I’m already working with two separate toe issues. It looks like I’m in the process of losing one toenail (actually a tennis injury), and other issue is a bit more intractable, but I still have an iota of optimism remaining for a solution. Enough detail for here, I think. A modicum of discretion is not always a bad thing.

And frankly, that’s enough. It’s the most attention my feet have received my entire life. Have I learned to love them? Well, maybe appreciate them a little more, anyway. Respect them, even. Possibly. Maybe.

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