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I’m thinking the blog will continue beyond the marathon.

There is of course the Winchester May Day Tri which I signed up for before the marathon (thanks – I think, J!).  Three weeks to recover from the marathon and work up to my very first triathlon (a sprint one). At least I have some buddies doing this too, training has not been a solitary existence, which is kinda nice.

I have already named swimming as my nemesis – maybe only to myself, so far – in which case, swimming is my nemesis. I have decided it will be overcome. It may take longer than three weeks, but at least by May 6th, I should be able to cover off 16 lengths, slowly, with pauses at every other end, without breaking down (emotionally or physically).

Beyond that, I see the need to build endurance in the pool, i.e. not having to pause (obviously I do just mean stop) every two lengths. Technique clearly still needs working on. But I haven’t drowned yet, so it’s not all bad news. And there are no hills in swimming. In fact, I think that may have to become my first swimming mantra:  there are no hills in swimming. Perfect. How cool is that?

Then. of course, in a moment of sheer insanity (like this whole journey hasn’t already been insane), I signed up for the Great South Run (October 27, 2013). Now that’s 10 miles, which we know I can do. However, comma, I can’t do it very fast. I only run long and slow. So my summer looks like it’ll be concentrating on speed work.  I dread it, but I begin to feel intervals and I may be about to knock heads. At least I’m a member of a running club now (such a wry smile on my face as I write that), so maybe coach can help speed me up.

One summer. Two nemeses. What am I letting myself in for?

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