My very own London marathon facts and figures

I’ve just had my London marathon stats in (I’m smiling, overall!)

Here they all are:
34,217 runners finished. 36% were women.

I finished in 5,219th place.
There were 28,998 people behind me. And 15% of finishers were ahead of me.

Of female runners I finished in 755th place.
There were 11,469 finishers behind me. And 6% of finishers ahead of me.

Of female runners in my age category I finished in 90th place.
There were 1,239 finishers behind me. And 7% of finishers ahead of me.

I was the 4,576th Brit to finish
There were 26,215 Brits behind me. And 15% of finishers ahead (I guess that means I run the same speed as other nationalities, on average.)

I was ahead of about 80% of male runners.

Over the final 7 km I overtook 682 runners, and 34 overtook me. I knew it felt like I was overtaking more people than were overtaking me.  I might have gone faster if I’d counted that many! Not that I had the wherewithal to count at all by that stage.

Split times
Average mile: 8 mins, 8 secs
Average km: 5 mins, 3 secs

Average speed: 7.4mph / 11.9kph

First 10km:          12.6 kph               47 mins 30 secs.                 4 mins 45 sec / km
Second 10km:     12.0 kph               50 mins 03 secs.                 5 mins 00 sec / km
Third 10km:        11.8 kph               51 mins 00 secs                  5 mins 06 sec / km
Rest – 12km        11.3 kph               64 mins 46 secs                  5 mins 19 sec / km

I had to get my newly-turned 18-year old buddy, D, to explain some of these stats. I must have been having an early-onset senior moment. Becoming mildly frustrated at my inability to grasp basic stats, he just kept saying I was going “stupidly fast, Sal. Stupidly fast”. What simpler excuse did I need to continue my non-comprehension! Can’t tell you how totally chuffed I am to have the approbation of bright, sporty teenager. There’s a lot to be said for feeling validated by the young.

The downside of all these stats is there is now a target to beat … I say no more.

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